Human Rights Post is a news magazine. Its purpose is to raise awareness about issues affecting human rights in Pakistan. Human Rights Post accessible online edition at It also implements different training programs all over the Pakistan to educate general public about their basic and fundamental rights.

Human Rights Post Magazine is publishing on the spirit on human rights awareness in the people so that they can acquire their rights and build the society on base of humanity and must avoid the extremism.

To promote the human rights education and values in the masses we do the expenditure of per copy Rs.35, but provide to subscriber 7 rupees per copy. Our annual subscription charges are just 100 rupees only with printed packed envelops and postal charges (home delivery).

Human Rights Post has sent to all Libraries, NGOs, CBOs, government machineries, social and educational circle free of cost so that they can aware and acknowledge the literature of human rights.

We request you to join us this mission of humanity. Please release the advertisement of your company/product to our E-edition and our print edition so that we can enable to enhance our publication and extend to gross root level, where the awareness against extremism and terrorism is indispensable. Your cooperation will strength our mission and makes easy the access of every person of Pakistan, because this is a non-profit mission for us.

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Inside Black Page (Colour) RS.20,000/- U.S $ 200/-

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You can contact us by sending us an email for more information on advertisement options. We also offer customized advertisement.